Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Crisis at Christmas Essential Information

Here is the lowdown on the Crisis at Christmas volunteering experience. Please read ALL of this information before signing up as a volunteer. Thanks!

Crisis is the national charity for single homeless people. We are dedicated to ending homelessness by delivering life-changing services and campaigning for change. At Christmas we provide companionship and support to alleviate loneliness and isolation and help people to take their first steps out of homelessness. In order to do this we rely on the support and commitment of over 300 volunteers.


When is Crisis at Christmas open?

We are open on Christmas Day.

Where is the centre located?

Crisis at Christmas Coventry & Warwicksire takes place at Wyken Croft Primary School, Wyken Croft, Wyken, Coventry, CV2 3AA.

What roles can I apply for?

You can sign up as a General Volunteer or join one of our Services or Activities and Entertainment teams. Please check out the Crisis at Christmas pages on our website for information about each role. If you have relevant skills and experience in one of our specialist areas we really need your help, so please sign up in the appropriate section.

Is there an age limit for volunteers?

General Volunteers must be aged 18 or older by 23 December 2014. There is no upper age limit for volunteers.

Service, Activities and Entertainment Volunteers must be aged 18 or older with the exception of Drivers who must be over 25. There is no upper age limit.

Do you need any qualifications or experience to volunteer?

You do not need any qualifications or experience to be a General Volunteer.

Some Service Volunteers and Activities and Entertainment Volunteers are required to have specialist skills, qualifications and appropriate insurance before they can apply and, if so, volunteers must provide proof of these. Specific requirements are clearly stated under each service in Step 3 of the application process. Activities volunteers offering to run an activity will be asked to provide an outline of their planned activity on the Online Application Form. We ask volunteers to plan flexible activities as attendance varies day to day and the setting is informal. We also ask volunteers to remember that activities should be accessible for all levels and nationalities. For volunteers interested in Activities but who don’t feel confident leading a session, we still need your enthusiasm and skills! In your General Volunteering shift briefings we encourage you to tell the Shift Leader about your enthusiasm for activities and wish to support the workshops.

How much time do I need to commit?

Volunteers only need to sign up to do one shift.

Entertainers and Activity Leaders can sign up for time slots and do not have to volunteer for a whole shift. During the application process, you will be asked to select hours you would like to perform within and you will be allocated your performance time at a later date.

Is there a deadline for applications?

We strongly suggest you apply early to ensure you don’t miss out on your preferred shifts. Once we have assigned the appropriate number of volunteers to a shift, it will not be possible to select that shift in the application process.

How do I select my volunteering shifts?

You can choose which shifts you would like during the application process. Please only choose shifts you can definitely attend. If a shift is full, it will not be possible to select this on the application form.

When we receive your application online we will, in most cases, assign you immediately to the role and shifts that you have selected. We will confirm this by email within 10 working days. In some cases we may not be able to assign your role and shifts immediately, especially for Service and Activities Volunteers, or we may need to reallocate you to an alternative shift, but we will keep you informed by email.

I used to be a guest at Crisis at Christmas; can I apply as a volunteer?

We welcome former guests as volunteers. Please note that you may not be a guest and a volunteer in the same centre in any one year. If you would like to discuss any issues surrounding this please contact us.

Can I volunteer with my partner/friend/relative?

If you wish to apply with a friend you will need their application reference code. By submitting their reference code, you will be allocated the same role, shifts and centre. You can adjust these shifts (for example by adding or subtracting shifts) later in the application. If a friend wishes to apply with you, please make a note of your application reference number and ask them to submit this when they apply.

Please note that volunteers may be assigned to a number of different tasks once they arrive. Whilst you can apply with a friend and travel to your shift together, we cannot guarantee you will be assigned the same tasks.

For Service Volunteers, this is only possible if both people are volunteering for the same service and have the appropriate qualifications and insurance, if applicable.

Does Crisis provide insurance for volunteers?

Crisis volunteers are covered by our public liability insurance, which covers ‘legal liability to third parties as a result of bodily injury, property damage, obstruction, trespass or nuisance’.


What should I do once my shifts are confirmed?

You will receive a unique login and password giving you access to Crisis Community, the online community for volunteers. Crisis Community contains general information, Crisis at Christmas updates, a chance to chat with other likeminded volunteers … and much more!

Do I need any training before CC?

All volunteers, new and old must attend an Induction Session. During the application process you will be asked to select your preferred date for this.

Catering Service Volunteers require a Level 2 Food Safety Award to volunteer. We will be running a one day course on two different dates which you can attend if you do not already have a certificate. You can find the details for these during the application process.

Do you provide transport for volunteers?

Due to limited resources, you will need to make your own transport arrangements to and from the centre before and after your shifts.

Car pools and lift-share opportunities will be posted on Crisis Community. When you have been assigned your shifts, please log on to find out if there are any in your area.

Do you provide accommodation for volunteers?

Due to the high numbers of volunteers and cost involved we are unable to provide accommodation.

Can I claim back my travel expenses?

Unfortunately, the large number of volunteers involved in Crisis at Christmas means that we do not have the resources to reimburse travel costs.

Can I change or cancel my shifts?

We urge you to apply only for shifts that you will definitely be able to attend, and to stick with the shifts that are assigned to you. If you are forced to change or cancel your shifts, please log into Crisis Community to do so. The more advance warning we have, the better chance we have to fill the shifts and provide the best service for our guests. Please note that you will not be able to change your shift to one that is already full.


What happens when I arrive for my first shift?

You will be checked in at the entry point for volunteers. It’s really important that you are signed in properly as we rely on this information to know which volunteers have attended their assigned shifts and monitor our non-attendance rates. If you arrive late for a shift please make yourself known in order to be signed in.

Once you have been signed in you will be given a badge that will identify your role.

Can volunteers use the services at Crisis at Christmas?

Services are strictly open to guests only.

Do you provide food for volunteers?

Yes we do provide food for volunteers at mealtimes, but please be aware that all the food at our centre is donated and our policy is that guests always come first. This means we cannot always guarantee a meal for volunteers but there will be plenty of snacks and drinks available throughout your shift. In some instances, guests and volunteers eat together. Your shift leader will explain how mealtimes work before your shift.

If you have specific dietary requirements we recommend you bring snacks with you. Please note that if food items are brought to the centre, these must be consumed in the volunteer area only. We also recommend that volunteers eat a meal before coming to the Centres to start their shifts.